About Me

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2011, most of which was spent training clients one on one and in groups at Fusion Fitness Center. I currently train clients one on one at RX Fitness. I have been a registered nurse at a substance abuse clinic since 2015 and have also worked in pediatric home health with special needs children.

I am pretty enthusiastic about holistic nursing and completed my board certification as an Integrative Nurse Coach in 2017. A Nurse Coach differs from other health coaching certifications because nurses are trained from day one to look at the whole person regarding the status of their health and wellness along with having extensive medical knowledge. Combining nursing knowledge, intuition, and clinical experiences with coaching strategies will optimize your health and healing potential.

Due to the variety in career backgrounds, what I care most about is health promotion and coaching others to be their best self. Seeing clients progress and get stronger both physically and mentally while adopting healthier habits makes my day.  I strongly believe that moving properly, getting the right food in your system, getting enough sleep, and finding ways to reduce stress in this busy world are the keys to wellness. My clients inspire me to be better and are the inspiration for some of my posts.

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