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Hi there! I’m Kate. After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting and workouts that didn’t work, I found that realistic approaches to both served my clients and myself far better. My goal is to empower others to do the same – move better, get stronger, and improve your relationship with food.

I meet clients where they are to reach their health & fitness goals. 

Personal Training

There are many different styles of training to choose from in the fitness industry, which can be overwhelming! My philosophy centers around improving mobility and building strength.

1-2 training sessions per week in conjunction with workouts on your own is recommended for best results. Workouts are based on goals and abilities which are unique to each client.

In person one-on-one sessions are held at RX Fitness in Newark, Delaware.

Virtual one-on-one sessions apply the same concepts of in person training but in your own home via Zoom. Workouts are contingent upon goals, ability, and available equipment.

Personal training is for anyone who is brand new to strength training to more experienced exercisers.

sustainable strenghth

Sustainable Strength includes guidance and coaching, but on your own time. You will get an individualized program sent to you each month for you to do on your own with video demos. We meet twice a month via Zoom with email check-ins in between. Clients also have text message access if they have questions on the fly.

This option is recommended for those who are not brand new to strength training. It’s a great option for those who have some experience or newbies who are ready to move on from personal training. Virtual sessions can be added on an as needed basis for troubleshooting and movement evaluation.

Consciously Nourished

Consciously Nourished applies principles of Moderation 365 and Precision Nutrition which gets you away from yo-yo dieting and establishes healthier habits with food. Things like sleep, stress, and lifestyle always come into play and we discuss those too. Together we figure out real life strategies that work for you without meal plans, food lists, restrictive fad diets, or obsessive food tracking.

Consciously Nourished includes 2 Zoom meetings per month, email check-ins, and text message access should you have questions on the fly.

This is for anyone who is looking for a long term, sustainable way to make changes. Diving deeper to work on behavior change and mindset is not a quick fix solution.

Pricing ranges from $150 to $700 per month depending on which options interest you.

First responders, military, and healthcare workers are eligible for discounts on all training and coaching services.

“Kate didn’t make me exercise. She taught me how to exercise and made me want to exercise. I am better for it.”

Joe M.

Wondering if coaching is for you?

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